Tuesday, June 5, 2012


KTMYLDY actually stands for a name bestowed upon me some years back by my dear and wonderful husband, going on 26 years now.  My name is Kay, but for whatever reason he dubbed me Katie, "Katie his lady" as he puts it!  It's odd he fell upon the Katie as it immediately brought to mind memories dating back to HS and one young fellow, who always was considered rather odd, took it upon himself to call me Katherine.  Now I really and truly resented his calling me that.  When he did, it would always push buttons of temper, anger and frustration at the sound of his voice calling me Katherine.  Now during this same period of time one of our teachers, Mr. Scheerer, would on occasion call me Katrinka.  This handle also did not quite fit my idea of decorum, after all my name is Kay, and it also happens to be my middle name, gone by it all my life.
Now you know how this name came about and I have grown very fond of this sweet endearment and have taken it on with much more grace than some of my other odd names attached to my personna through out my life. 

Through this blog you will learn much more not only about me but others of my friends and family whom I all love dearly.  Even the ones who border closely to insanity at times in my perceptions!

Through this blog, I pray I will be entertaining in my words, gracious always, and lovingly honest in my perceptions.

Have a great and wonderful day, feel free to share your thoughts on names and how we come by them it would be interesting to hear some of your tales!