Saturday, July 28, 2012

I am back, finally.   I ran into some rather frustrating times with blogspot, but finally was able to get the so called support forum person to understand what the problem was and then I was able to resolve the issue, but  I have  been so busy with my Stampin'UP this past month I have not had time to post anything new.  Unfortunately due to the other issue two of my posts went away so I feel like I am starting all over!

I not only have been busy with my business I have also been attempting to keep a 9 year old grandson busy this summer as he is spending the summer with us and has not been away from his dad this long, so we, my husband and two daughters have done what we can to fill the gap for Evan so he doesn't have much time to think about it!  But, I feel for his daddy, our son Nick, who is as much lost without Evan as Evan is without him.  We will be taking him back up to Littleton in 2 weeks and they will once again be reunited.

Evan has been such fun though.  He has been taking swim lessons thanks to his Aunt Brenda.  This coming week will be his last week with the lessons, which I think he will be thankful for.  He is having to put more effort into his swimming as he has advanced to the deep water and can't cheat with a floor right there.  He also has made a number of friends in our neighborhood who enjoy him as much as we do.  They have a great time together.  We have a great bunch of younsters in our neighborhood.  Then he goes to church with us and they have weekly activities for the elementary school ages such as swimming and an evening rec time at Mariposa Park across from our church.  He has some friends at church who have taken him into their family fold that same day so he has had lots of activity and social time and is ready for bed, in fact he almost can't even stay awake long enough to get ready for bed he is so tired!

Well I must run off to go meet him and his Aunt Brenda so we can all swim together including his Aunt Emily.  I will be back later to post some pictures of recently made Stampin'UP items.



Saturday, July 7, 2012

Update to my Stampin'UP events.

I have been experiencing some rather frustrating BlogSpot issues and I ask you to bear with me on the seemingly multiple similar posts. This is not stress relief, because I have had to spend more time trying to fix what seem to be nearly impossible to be able to talk to someone directly on this matter with the Google BlogSpot Blogger. But this too shall pass. I am trying very hard to think positively on this issue. I really prefer to be creating cards and scrapbook pages!!!!

The first event of the month and months to come is my Stamping 101. We will complete one very simple greeting card and one 8x8 scrapbook page. Bring one or two photos you would like to start a scrapbook with. Every second Friday of the month, I will be hosting this class in my home, for beginning stampers and scrap bookers. You can join this group on a monthly basis and we can continue working on the same scrapbook so you will be able to continue a particular story theme and complete your scrapbook. There is a supply fee of $20 each month. Check out the details regarding the class and please do RSVP no later than the Wednesday prior to the second Friday. You will need to provide your own adhesive and snips which can be ordered from me. Your first class fee will cover the cost of those needed items. Each class following will still cost $20 for access to the supplies, my guidance and expertise.  

The second event which will be held every third Friday of the month at my home is entitled "Stampin'UP Night Out", formerly referred to as "Girls Night Out". I felt as though I needed to not be so specific to just the female gender as my husband is my partner in the Stampin'UP business and I don't like for him to feel as if he is not welcome as he enjoys stamping as much as I do. And you may know someone who is male that would also like to participate. Stampin'UP has a number of male demonstrators so we are a true equal opportunity crafting business! I encourage all whom I invite to bring a friend, relative, co-worker etc. to attend with you. Stampin'UP is not just a girl event! I also require an RSVP no later than the Wednesday prior to this event. Check out the details of this event as well. This event will also have a supply fee for the items we will be making on these nights. You will go home with a minimum of 4-5 completed items consisting of cards or small gift ideas. Please provide your own snips and adhesives, or place an order the first time you attend for a set and your $20 will cover that cost. Each class following will still cost $20 for access to the supplies, my guidance and expertise.   Both of these events do require a $20 fee, however, should you place an order of $40 retail from the current 2012-2013 Idea book and Catalog (IBC) the class fee will be applied to your order.

I will also have door prizes at these events and the number if entries you receive for door prizes are based on RSVP on time, arriving on time and bringing one or more new guests. So you could have as many as 3 entried.  Read the event description closely and everything should be clear. If you do have questions please do not hesitate to call, text, or email me and I will get back to you. I love to hear from my customers and new customers as well! I also do require you to bring your own snips and adhesive. If you do not have these items I can order them for you at a cost of $20. In this one instance only, you will not have to pay the event fee. 

Now the third event is a normal Workshop held on the last Friday of every month also at my place, start time at 6:30. In this instance there will also be door prizes but one of those will be a "Mystery" hostess drawing, however there will need to be a minimum retail total, before tax and shipping is added, of $150 ordered by those present from the current 2012-2013 IBC. To see all my events scheduled go to You may also place orders from my online store there!
Also look for monthly promotions from Stampin'UP.  Through July we have a Hostess promotion and the Something to Smile About promotion.

At all three events retired items, stamp sets, dies, punches, embellishments and Designer Series papers are available for purchase at a nice discount. However, these purchases do not count towards a workshop total. Remember I will do workshops at your home, unfortunately at your house I do have to limit this to daytime, or my home is available for your workshop any other evening of the week, Sundays excepted.  I do not schedule workshops on Sundays. That is a family and church day for us.

Ok, I think I have rambled on long enough, hope to hear from you real soon. I look forward to teaching and sharing ideas with you over the next year!!!