Saturday, July 28, 2012

I am back, finally.   I ran into some rather frustrating times with blogspot, but finally was able to get the so called support forum person to understand what the problem was and then I was able to resolve the issue, but  I have  been so busy with my Stampin'UP this past month I have not had time to post anything new.  Unfortunately due to the other issue two of my posts went away so I feel like I am starting all over!

I not only have been busy with my business I have also been attempting to keep a 9 year old grandson busy this summer as he is spending the summer with us and has not been away from his dad this long, so we, my husband and two daughters have done what we can to fill the gap for Evan so he doesn't have much time to think about it!  But, I feel for his daddy, our son Nick, who is as much lost without Evan as Evan is without him.  We will be taking him back up to Littleton in 2 weeks and they will once again be reunited.

Evan has been such fun though.  He has been taking swim lessons thanks to his Aunt Brenda.  This coming week will be his last week with the lessons, which I think he will be thankful for.  He is having to put more effort into his swimming as he has advanced to the deep water and can't cheat with a floor right there.  He also has made a number of friends in our neighborhood who enjoy him as much as we do.  They have a great time together.  We have a great bunch of younsters in our neighborhood.  Then he goes to church with us and they have weekly activities for the elementary school ages such as swimming and an evening rec time at Mariposa Park across from our church.  He has some friends at church who have taken him into their family fold that same day so he has had lots of activity and social time and is ready for bed, in fact he almost can't even stay awake long enough to get ready for bed he is so tired!

Well I must run off to go meet him and his Aunt Brenda so we can all swim together including his Aunt Emily.  I will be back later to post some pictures of recently made Stampin'UP items.