Tuesday, January 22, 2013


"Re-Purpose", the woman said she "re-purpose's old cast off items"...  I am certain I must have looked as blank as I felt at that moment, feeling totally clueless as to what did this nut job mean?     Finally, she recognized I was as clueless as I was feeling.  So, she very patiently, kindly explained to me she takes things or possessions, if you will, which other people have deemed no longer necessary in their life or useful.  Or perhaps they are so beat up they have lost their beauty.   Gosh I hope that doesn't happen to me, oh that's right I am a person not a possession.   That is probably a whole other blog some time down the road.

Back to the topic at hand.  My last job was as a Program Manager in a research lab.  They had some interesting boxes that looked pretty nice, at first glance, and they looked perfect for small gifts.  So the lab people kindly put these boxes into a sack along with some other plastic boxes I was positive I could find some purpose for those as well.  I happily took home the sack of various boxes.  Well, this job started after I had encountered this woman at the craft show selling her "re-purposed" items.  Her items  really were beautiful, so much so I bought one of her items thinking I could surely find a purpose for it in my home.  Alas, that was not meant to be and I ended up selling it to a friend.  The point is, I was so impressed with what this woman had done I was determined to take any unwanted item to "re-purpose".

Several months later  I went through the bag of boxes and found they were not so much useful as I had thought, but quite frankly it takes a special type of imagination to come up with ideas on how to take a cast off and turn it in to a beautiful, desirable item someone else might have a need for.  An imagination, I am thinking, escaped my list of talents!

Now here is the box I decided this past Christmas to turn in to a beautiful box to be the container for a gift.

Yes, I could have wrapped it with holiday wrap, but anybody can do that.  I am a Stampin'UP Demonstrator, I surely could come up with something prettier than ordinary paper and ribbon.  Now let me show you what I did come up with.  Little did I know how much work it was going to take to turn the box into the beautiful box below.  Wish the Dazzling Details I used would have shown up better in the photos below.  I edged the top edges of the lid and the corners.  

I went through my Designer Series Paper and selected the cute owls.  The only way to accomplish this task involves a lot of accurate measuring, cutting and gluing.  I learned a lot about how to cover a box with beautiful paper.  I also learned a project such as this also requires the use of our sanders.  Until I used the sanding block I was wondering how in the world she was not going to be permanently stuck to the box because no matter how hard I tried  glue was coming out all over the box.  I was very frustrated as I was so covered in glue and was getting it all over the box.  I was actually able to lightly sand the paper and the original covering of the box bottom and the stickiness went away.  I was highly impressed.  It was a work of love and by the time I got done I was pleased.  My daughter was so pleased with it she wanted to keep the box.   

So I kind of went backwards by going back to the holidays, but I had been wanting to share this project since Christmas.  Now I have.  So I can move on.  Valentine's is the next big event coming up.  Sale-a-Bration starts tomorrow, check out my website for this exciting annual customer appreciation event, wonderful stuff you can get for free.