Sunday, August 11, 2013

Catch Up Time, Weird Summer

Kelly, Andrew, Brenda, Emily
Visit to Balloon Museum

Our summer has been kind of weird.  The beginning of June started out and we wanted to spend some time with our two daughters and make it a puppy kind of day and took our total of 3 dogs to the dog park with the girls.  It was a really nice time and we were enjoying watching the dogs, Ava (Brenda's min-pin), Bailey, and Tripper (shitzus) interact with each other and the other dogs at the park.  One of us, however, decided it might be fun to race our youngest daughter.  She was running with our dogs so as to get them some exercise.  This person was not myself, nor was it our older daughter, yep you got it right my partner in life and in the business, my husband Don.  Mind you he is right at twice our younger daughters age and had no business taking her on, without appropriate shoes, or warm up, I might add.  To make a long story short he managed to pull both his hamstrings.  This resulted in about 6 weeks of work missed and a lot of pain for him.

A few days later, we received a call from younger daughter, she had just wrecked our second car which was to have ultimately been her car.  Thankfully she was not hurt, but the car was totaled. No one else was involved.  God's hand of protection was truly over her on this one. Another long story but ultimately a good end.  Car was 100% covered by insurance with some cash left over and thankfully we had some gap insurance which also kicked in.  She was able to get herself a different car.  It is a really nice  Nissan Altima, used, beautiful shade of blue, very nice and clean interior, and she likes it a lot.

So, June was quite the month!  Don finally was released to go back to work and he is back on a limited schedule, and if I have my way, it will stay that way, no more than 20 hours a week, but we will see, he tends to push himself much harder.  I wonder if I could get our Doctor, to make it a permanent status?  Hmmm, I might have to try that one.  He had a sinus infection earlier in the summer which he claimed was all better, never believe a man regarding his health!  This past weekend he has not been feeling well and woke up today (Sunday) with his face all swollen and his eyes almost closed.  Here we go again.  This time I think we will be seeking antibiotics this time.

Now to make the summer an equal opportunity summer I also had to have a little drama.  It was an expected event but it did take some time out of the joys of summer activity to some degree.  I had a cataract removed from my left eye. The right one had been done some years ago, the left finally got to a point where I was just too tired of putting up with it and the doctor said it was time.  So see I got a little bit of the action, although nothing goes totally problem free, right?  Wrong!  Not only did a little blip in the surgical procedure happen but also a scratch on the cornea, so this extended my time of healing by a few days, but not terrible.  Hope to get a refraction in couple of weeks so I can get a new lens for that particular eye.

So let me end this with a more positive story.  Our daughter Kelly and her son came to visit this past week.  What a joy to have happen.  Her birthday is this week, so we celebrated multiple birthdays, hers included, as well as her son's 9th birthday was earlier in July and her youngest sister had her birthday at the end of July.  Kelly also graduated from college with a degree in Business Administration.  She remarried an old sweetheart from her youth in April, so another celebration.  We are so pleased with this last event.  He is also from Albuquerque so naturally he was with her.  We feel like this is a truly unselfish man and has not married her for his own selfish needs.  He had family activities to resolve while they were here, so that was the primary reason for their coming. 

As a teenager we had concerns regarding this young man and as she did so often she moved on quickly to a different guy.  I think they had to go the way their lives went to be ready for each other and for us to be ready for him to be in her life!  There is a story there, but not for here!  He has been a wonderful influence in Andrews life since Andrews dad is not able to be involved in his life.  And it is so nice to see Kelly so happy.  Kevin loves her unconditionally and he loves Andrew.  Andrew loves him but still makes it clear to those in his life Kevin is not his dad.  Which I think is pretty appropriate for a 9 year old.   

Kelly has carried the weight of raising 3 boys pretty much on her own for several years.  So now it is just Andrew and having Kevin involved is making it so much easier for her.  The oldest one, David, graduated from college, last year and is starting his masters this year, Doug, graduated from HS this year and is on a grand journey with an International Christian Youth ministry out of England and will travel the world for the next year.  Colorado Christian University has a financial package including scholarships etc. waiting for him until next year, so his life is pretty well on track.  On an overall basis the boys have done quite well in spite of the absence of their father for the past 7 or so years not to mention all the negative media and dark cloud which has hung over them the past 15 or so years because of his circumstances.  He still lives in denial, one of not having committed the crime and two he will be out of jail any day.

Oh, and I almost forgot, there was some other good news for her.  She was offered and accepted a new job which she will be starting later in the month.  Things are good in her life.

This has been our summer and what a grand climax.  Now perhaps I can get back to working my Stampin'UP business more regularly, one can only hope!  I believe God slowed Don and I down to rethink our lives, and to remind us He is always with us and he is always in control. God is good, yes he is, always good!